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Simracing steering wheels - full control in the virtual racing car

Simracing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Players sit in a racing car and not at the console. It goes without saying that this creates a different, much more realistic driving experience.  In addition to the simracing wheelbase, the pedals and the button box, an important component for this is primarily the steering wheel. In order to give you an overview of the various simracing steering wheels on the market, we have compiled the most important information for you. This will enable you to find the best racing wheel for you.

What is important for a simracing steering wheel?

Just like in a real racing car, the steering wheel is the decisive interface between you and your car in simracing. Apart from the pedals, it is the only component with which you can directly transmit commands to the racing simulation without delays. The higher the quality of the steering wheel, the more realistic and, above all, the more certain you are of winning.

The differences between the real-world models and the modern simracing steering wheels have diminished enormously in recent times. They are literally disappearing. High-quality simracing steering wheels copy their original models almost perfectly. If the electronics were to play along, they could theoretically even be used in a real racing car.

Just as with a real steering wheel, the following six points are important when choosing a suitable simracing steering wheel:


The weight of the steering wheel plays an important role in simulated racing experiences. The lighter the steering wheel itself, the more realistic the force feedback from the wheelbase and thus the racing experience as a whole. In addition, a lighter steering wheel allows more precise control and reaction by the driver, especially at the limits.

Differences in Simracing Steering Wheels

Real simracers usually own not just one, but several simracing steering wheels. The differences lie not so much in the choice of materials or the appearance, but rather in the different racing disciplines that place different demands on the steering wheel. A distinction can be made between special simracing steering wheels for:

    Formula and GT racing
    Rally cars
    Drift sports

For every discipline and therefore for every racing enthusiast, there is a suitable racing wheel on the market today.

The different finishes and purposes are ultimately reflected in the price. As a beginner, you are usually well served with a corresponding starter bundle with all the important components. The included simracing steering wheels are well made and offer all the necessary functions you need to get started.

If you don't want to fall back on a ready-made bundle and prefer to put together your own individual racing rig, you will find plenty of choice in the Sim racing shop. From Alcantra- or suede-covered simracing steering wheels or simracing steering wheels made of real carbon to replicas of real simracing steering wheels from Ferraris, Porsches and other racing cars, almost everything is available.

Some manufacturers also rely on modular systems with which the steering wheel can be redesigned as needed. For example, the steering wheel rim can be easily converted from formula to drift mode. Practical, isn't it? Even some of the controls can be positioned individually.

Good simracing steering wheels for beginners start at around 150 to 200 euros. As with almost all components for the virtual racing experience, there is no upper price limit. Even very exclusive and expensive treasures find their place in our shop for real professionals. In particular, individual custom-made products, such as those used by real racing professionals, can easily cost several thousand euros. Sounds like a lot at first, but at a second glance experienced drivers will immediately recognise and appreciate the difference between these exclusive versions and the other standard models.

If you have any questions about the racing wheels, you are welcome to contact our professionals free of charge and without obligation.