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Sim racing servo system motor mount for Fanatec DD series
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Turn Coiled Cable for BP2
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Sim Racing Accessories - What you need for your ultimate racing experience.

Simracing attracts numerous players with its unique and realistic racing car feeling at home. With the right sim racing accessories, you can adapt your personal sim racing rig to your needs. We show you which Sim Racing accessories you should not do without!

Sim Racing Accessories - What is necessary?

Simracing has improved almost exponentially in recent years. The beginnings of car racing games on the computer are hardly recognisable today in the technical equipment. Although there are still enough players today who play car racing on the PC with the keyboard or a controller, real simracers have long since relied on realistic racing simulations, which are supplemented with sophisticated sim racing accessories. This is the only way to develop a real racing atmosphere on the home computer.

To optimise your own simracing experience, you first need your own simracing rig. The basic equipment includes

    comfortable racing seat
    Good wheelbase
    ergonomic steering wheel
    individual pedal
    Easy-to-reach button box

In addition to these basic components, you can make your personal racing experience even more realistic with all kinds of Sim Rig accessories. In the following we present the most useful additions.

Simracing harness

"Seatbelt, please!" - a sentence we probably all heard umpteen times from parents and friends in the past. This is also true in simracing. While wearing a seatbelt is not compulsory, it does give you a chance to put yourself in the driver's seat even more. When chasing best times on the virtual track, harnesses like the 3-point harness in black let you dive even deeper into the racing experience.

Simrig accessories for you

A stable Simrig is the basis for your racing experience. With all kinds of Sim Racing accessories you can individualise it even further. From a cup holder for refreshments during race breaks to a universal mount for the action cam and a roll cage for an even more realistic driving experience, you can customise your Simrig to suit your individual needs.

Sim racing accessories - gloves

Real racing drivers always drive with gloves - and so do professional sim racing drivers. Racing gloves offer all kinds of advantages in a wild ride. Your reactions and the precision of your steering manoeuvres are improved by the grip of the gloves. Especially in tight overtaking manoeuvres, this gives you a considerable advantage.

What you should look for in Sim Racing accessories

Sim racing accessories are more than just gimmicks. With the right equipment, you can customise your sim racing rig and create even more of a racing atmosphere at home. The most important thing is that your racing rig fits you and your individual ideas.

Just like with a real car, you will only achieve the best driving experience in simracing if you feel comfortable in the driver's seat.

You don't know exactly which sim racing accessories make the most sense for you? No problem! Simply contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to give you advice and support. As experienced sim racers ourselves, we know exactly what is important in a good sim racing rig!